Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not my best day, just a bunch of random thoughts

I think this is the hottest day so far. I am soaked in sweat and cranky and I'm just sitting here under the fan. The laptop generates a lot of heat, I am thinking about taking it out on the front terrace but am not sure I will see the screen clearly even in the shade. I could put on the a/c but then I get cold. And the unit just irritates me anyway, especially when I'm already irritable.

I really just want to find a hammock and shut out the world today. I had a three-day weekend thanks to the US holiday. I was really looking forward to doing some things around here, but I feel like it ended up being a lost cause.

On Saturday they came to install the accordion door that has been pending for the last 6 months. And it took them all day, until 6:30 pm. So much for my plans to do some work in the garden or enjoy the pool.

On Sunday Maya was sick - a high fever and very lethargic. Killed any thoughts about going to the beach for the day, I wanted to be here in case she got into trouble. I wasn't sure if she was coming down with the infection that killed Patas, or what was her problem. Cats can't tell you what hurts, you just know something's not right with them.

On Monday we went to see Delfino to tell him we needed him to make a visit. He came around 11 am, and we had planned to go to Cancun after his visit if all was well. Maya was clearly feeling better but still not 100%, and Delfino said he would be back last night around 7:30 to give her another injection. By the time Delfino left, Miguel was into a project over at his house and so I waited for him. Time went by, and when Miguel finally showed up at 2 pm, I realized there was no way we could make it to Cancun to run our errands and be back in time for Delfino. And so we didn't go.

And...Delfino never did come last night. I'm sure he got tied up with other animals that needed him more. And today I'm back at work, so going to Cancun is not going to happen until next Saturday. No problem, we'll make it work, it will just be another lost weekend day.

Today it is one year since Chaquiste died in the humane animal trap. Baked in the sun, poor little guy. I will never forget that traumatic day. He was not a happy cat, but it was a horrible way to die. Although I guess there are few 'good' ways.

This morning I witnessed something here that upsets me so much, one of the downsides to living here...the dog-catcher at work. They were after Negra, who had followed me to my neighbor's house and was waiting for me outside the gate while I fed their cats on the front terrace. I happened to see something out of the corner of my eye and was able to intervene because they missed with the rope and she ran off. I told them she was my dog, and they said to get her in because they were taking them off the streets.

There were two other dogs in the truck, just quietly lying there. I feel so helpless and even Miguel tells me that it's not my business, it is just people doing their job. Yeah, well...when he is disturbed by things like this (and he doesn't fool me, he is), he can go and down a few beers to distract his mind. As a non-drinker, I don't have that luxury, I have to deal with the pain and anger with a clear head. And a snooze in the hammock to regain my perspective.

It's times like these that I feel a million miles of distance between my culture and the culture here. I know there is nothing I can do, change has to come from within, and I am constantly reminded that although I live here, and in certain instances am considered 'casi Mexicana', in the end I am, and always will be, on the outside looking in.


Ann said...

Luckily you were around when the dogcatcher was coming thru! I can't imagine what would have happened otherwise! I try to watch out for all my pets, but sometimes they elude me.....we usually lose them to fishers & coyotes.

Bennie said...

Wow it's been a year since Chaquiste died? That doesn't seem possible.

I'm glad you ran off the dog catcher before they got Negra. She is such a sweet dog.

You are right you will always be the outsider living there. You do it well though. Look at all the good you do there. How many animals rely on your kind heart.

Island Nana said...

Ah Sue, I can relate so much to your feeling of still looking in on parts of Mexican culture. Here on the other (colder) island, where I have lived for over 30 years, I am not considered an "Islander" because I wasn't born here. We newcomers are called "wash ashores".

jeanie said...

Sue, I'm sorry you had such a bad day. I hope something wonderful happens to you tomorrow.

Islagringo said...

The dogcatcher must be doing a really good job lately. I hardly see any dogs just roaming around. The ones who go after our garbage have not made an appearance all week. I notice also that people seem to be obeying the new leash law. Even people who take their dogs to the beach across from us are keeping their dogs on leashes. Hope your day goes better today!

Sue said...

Ann - that is sad to lose your pets that way too.

Bennie - let's see - 2 dogs, 3 indoor cats, 3 outdoor cats on a regular basis. And then there are the others who I take care of when the owners are away (but yeah - they are back until the fall now).

Nana - 'wash ashores' is too funny! I'm sure you don't appreciate being called that, but it's a new one for me and it just sounds funny to the ear.

Jeanie - it was a nice thought - didn't happen, but a nice thought, thanks.

Wayne - I'm not against dog control, in fact, in some cases the dogs are better off. I'm against the way it's handled and the outcome for the dogs - that is what breaks my heart and tortures my mind. I think you're right - there are a lot fewer dogs around, and that is a good thing in the end, it's just the poor animals that paid with their lives to get that result, that is the sadness.