Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why are we so hungry?

Since the beginning of August it has been hot, very hot. Our pets are eating less due to the heat. But we've been exceptionally hungry - due to the heat? Not sure there is a relationship there, but it's worth mentioning.

Our normal meal times are 9 am (breakfast) and 3-4 pm for comida (midday meal). Comida is normally our last meal of the day, with coffee and a light treat later in the evening. But the last few weeks we've been snacking on more substantial leftovers from the fridge, or ordering pizza.

The dog is very happy when he hears us talking about pizza. Loco loves pizza, especially pizza with ham on it. Loco eats pizza like a kid - pulling off the ham and cheese, spitting out the vegetables (peppers and onions), and leaving the crust on the floor. He actually makes quite a mess - we make him take his piece of pizza outside.

Lately we've been ordering vegetarian pizza - peppers, onions, pineapple. No sense wasting a piece of that on Loco, right? But just when you think you understand your dog, he surprises you. As we share our pizza, Loco sits and watches us, and his eyes tell us that he wants some. We offer Loco small pieces of crust with just the cheese, and he takes it and eats the whole thing. No mess, not a crumb.

The other morning I found a cold piece of pizza in the fridge. I decided to eat it before breakfast, so stood over the sink with my cold, stiff piece of vegetarian pizza. Loco appeared from somewhere and stood beside me. I wasn't really paying much attention to him, and didn't realize why he was there - until it was too late. The last piece had been swallowed before it dawned on me that Loco wanted pizza for breakfast too. Sorry, boy - next time!


Life's a Beach! said...

Sue, I woke up this morning hungry too! Wish I'd had a piece of vegetarian pizza to scarf down (which gives me an idea for dinner tonight)! Love reading all the details of your life on Isla!

Sue said...

Beck - Guess what I had this morning for pre-breakfast? Yup - cold pizza. THIS time I remembered to share with Loco. If you'd been here I would have shared with you too (there is still one slice in the fridge).

Ann said...

Enjoying reading your blog. I know our dog would have been sitting beside me if I'd had pizza, too. He especially likes salad ingredients!