Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas to Me!

Zina and Scott just came by with a belated Christmas present for ME! They did a blitz shopping trip to Cancun today, including Costco. I did not know it but Costco has something there that I covet - a wonderful broom!

Some of you might remember my blog about brooms. How a good broom is hard to find (and keep!).

This new broom has the softest bristles, and even though I had already swept and washed the floors today, I could not resist pulling it across the floor. The broom slid like silk, and the bristles made just a whisper. The broom even has an extra head, so I can use one for certain things and the other for other things.

I love my new broom, and need to find a good hiding place for it so nobody else uses it and it stays in good shape. Maybe my bedroom closet, nobody ever looks in there (thank goodness!).

Thank you Zina!

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IslaZina said...

de nada! I love those brooms. I hope you will too!