Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Santa's Visit to Casa Susana

On Sunday morning we were just popping the last pieces of fruit into our mouths when we heard a commotion in front of the house. A booming voice - Ho Ho HO. Santa Whozat was paying us a visit.

I don't have a picture of the man himself (who does?), but his sack was loaded with goodies for Miguel and I...

I'm not sure how many reindeer were needed to help Santa haul that load - it was one HEAVY load of wonderful books full of colorful pictures, recipes, and crafts.

We offered Santa a serving of Miguel's original chilaquiles, complete with queso Oaxaca brought to us from a small town near Monte Alban (Miguel's homeland). A glass of orange juice and Santa's belly was full, especially since it was his second breakfast of the day. But that is what Santa is supposed to do - sample everything left out for him as he makes his rounds, and this Santa held up the tradition.

And then...

"laying his finger aside of his nose,"
"And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose" (well, not really - we don't have a chimney);
"He sprang to his sleigh" (aka golf cart)

and was off to the beach! (I know it doesn't rhyme, but that's what happened)

Thank you so much, Santa!

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Bennie said...

You must have been a really good girl this year. Look at all those books and a broom the day before. I like the way Christmas covers several days there in Mexico. And sounds like it's not near as stressful.