Thursday, December 18, 2008

You can't decorate EVERYTHING

I got back to the island yesterday afternoon after a quick trip to Canada, where it's looking very festive for the holiday.

I finally remembered to take my camera when we went out last evening. I didn't have a tripod so these pictures are a little shaky, but still pretty, and are only a sample of the decorations here.

People are really getting into the decorating more each year, including the 'lawn' decorations (blow-up Santa with all the things that go with Santa). Christmas trees are a big hit here now too, I hope to go out again and get more pictures of all the nice displays around the island.

Here are some displays in the local colonias around our home:

The Dollar Store near my house in Canada had Christmas adornments for people (mostly hats). They also had them for dogs, and of course I had to buy a set for Loco.

Loco was not impressed, and was scared to move in his getup. The cats were all over him checking him out, it was hard to get a picture without a tail in the way.

Somehow I don't think Loco will be spreading much Christmas cheer if we make him wear his costume when we distribute small toys in the neighborhood.


Life's a Beach! said...

Loco is hilarious! I'm sure Saby would react the same way in an 'outfit'. The indignity of it all! The Christmas lights are beautiful!

jeanie said...

I love Loco in his outfit! Please get a teeny weeny hat for Maya.


K.W. Michigan said...

Loco looks adorable .. even if he doesn't like the outfit!

Ann said...

Last year I tried to get photos of my pets in just a Santa hat--got one cat & the dog, but neither was very happy about it! Oh, the indignity!

Scottozoid said...

Sue: thanks so much for the photos of the Christmas decorations on the island, now I am really in the Christmas Spirit (and really ready to arrive on Christmas Day!!!)

The pics of Loco are priceless!

Anonymous said...

I created a new slideshow to day with Isla Christmas photos and posted it to My Isla Mujeres message board. I am so in the mood to get to Isla and out of this snow and below freezing temps.