Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vacation is over

Darn! I could use another week off, or even two. Part of my week off was spent flying to Canada and then back to Cancun again. I had ambitious plans in both locations, too ambitious, apparently, because I didn't do too much of what I intended to do. Instead I...

In Canada (3 days):

  • cooked a turkey dinner

  • taught my daughter how to make pastry and cherry pie

  • renewed driver's and car licenses

  • drove to Toronto and back to visit family (just before the snow fell)

  • shopped and packed, shopped and packed

In Mexico (4 days):

  • made two more trips to Cancun since getting back on Wednesday; once to pick up my FM3 (and shop) and once to visit the doctor (and shop)

  • took a 2 hr nap

  • worked up a sweat trying to get the small lights on the fake tree - they kept slipping off and the tree fell over

  • ate too much at breakfast and got a stomach ache

  • took a 3 hr nap

  • snuggled with cats

  • laid in the hammock

So the dining room table is still piled with stuff that needs to be sorted and filed and stored. Bills, statements, and receipts still need to be entered into my accounting program to balance the books since the last entry (August). My winter coat is still piled on the stool waiting to be carried up to the linen closet. The mending and ironing is still waiting to be mended and ironed.

But the laundry is done and smells great from hanging on the line. The floors are clean, the living room is tidy, the Christmas gifts are laid out waiting for distribution, the dog has been clipped, and the kitchen is clean. We've bought the last basics for Capi's Apartments (guests start coming in a week), and the place is looking so cute. We have all the Christmas lights up here at the house, and Maya has not yet chewed through the light bulbs and the tree only fell over once since it was decorated, and that was my fault when I was trying to plug in the lights. I have not cooked a thing other than boiling chicken wings for Maya.

Tonight the lights are low, all three cats are on the couch with us (a first), Miguel is getting ready to take his pre-going-to-bed siesta, and I am messing around on the computer.

Yup, I could get used to this. But for now I'd settle for just two more weeks. I'm tired!


Ann said...

Sorry you don't have a few more days to relax.... It least you're where it's warm! Hope you can take an hour here or there to enjoy!

Scottozoid said...

Relax when you can and enjoy the holiday: see ya soon!