Saturday, December 20, 2008

My eyes, My eyes!!

I live in a red-light district. There is sex going on around us all the time, some of it in broad daylight.

The other day I was walking down my road and a female dog, not from this area, was sort of prowling around. I figured she was looking for food, but later, when we were coming back from breakfast out, we came across the female snuggled up with the big brown dog (we call him Cafe) that lives on the corner of my street. Miguel commented that 'Cafe' had found himself a novia (girlfriend).

The dogs stayed together most of the day, but one time Miguel was outside and came in laughing because some other male dogs had figured out there was a female around, and they were challenging Cafe for his girlfriend. As he defended his bride against another big dog, a small male took the opportunity to grab the novia and have some fun. Yup, group sex just two doors down the road. In public and in plain view of children.

I wonder how the parents explain it to their kids? I remember how my mother didn't explain it to me at a zoo in Denmark. There was a pen of donkeys, and I commented that one donkey had 5 legs and was trying to get on top of another donkey. My mother muttered some comment to me about how odd it was to have 5 legs, and we quickly moved along to another display. I was 11 at the time. Clueless.

Miguel tells me he overheard how one mother explained it to her child who had just witnessed a male mounted on top of a female. She explained that the one dog had broken his feet so the other dog was helping him walk. The child bought it.

My daughter was raised on nature shows, so she was exposed to animal behavior all her life. One time I took her to the Toronto Zoo, and the monkeys are always a lot of fun to watch. As I stood there with my young daughter, a male monkey on the glass ledge right under our nose approached a female and did all the things they show you on those tv programs (and more!). The people around us discretely took their leave; we stayed and watched, curious to see what we'd seen on tv in 'real life'.

I know one thing - if I'd tried to tell my daughter the monkey had 5 legs, she'd have given me the scoop, straight up. The next generation knows so much more about certain things than I ever did. But I'm learning, thanks to the loose behavior of the dogs here on Isla. Nobody seems to think anything about it, it's part of life here.

I never saw canine sex until I lived here. My first exposure was with two little dogs that used to live on the roof behind my house (now just the female lives there). I looked out my back window one day and saw the two dogs stuck together, each facing the other way. I didn't really know what I was seeing at the time, and I was fretting about the poor dog that seemed to be the one that was 'stuck'. As the one dog moved around the roof, the poor stuck dog sort of had to hop and be tugged along backwards.

I explained what I'd seen to a family member, and that's when I got educated. Wow - I had no idea the poor dogs went through that, I sort of figured the term "doggy-style" in human sex described how it happened with dogs too. Can you imagine if humans ended up the same way, with the man being dragged around backwards, by his most-treasured 'possession', at the whim of the female? Might put an end to doggy-style...


Islagringo said...

LMAO at the image you have portrayed! Priceless!

Scottozoid said...

Very interesting post Sue...thanks once again for omitting the photos...I love the very nature of can go from Christmas decorations to mammalian fornication

Life's a Beach! said...

LMAO! Sue, I also had an 'innocent' childhood. My first encounter with stuck dogs was when I was working at a soda fountain in my little town drugstore. Two dogs were going at it in the outside entrance to the store. I just remember the pharmacist running to the door, yelling at the dogs, and gesturing wildly -- all with no result. The girl I worked with had to explain it.

Anonymous said...

I have that vision burned in to my eyes now. Yikes!

IslaZina said...

My first exposure to doggie style sex was with cats and I didn't think she liked it! It actually does hurt the female cat when it is over, but like having a baby, I guess they forget. But maybe that is why they stay stuck longer, eh? That had to be explained directly by doctor dad, so I had the straight scoop at age 11, before I knew about periods!

IslaZina said...

Well, see what I get for trying to create a blog for Lora!

Sue said...

Hey guys - thanks for being good sports and enjoying the 'vision', no photos needed.

And Scott - that is the nice things about a blog - I am in control of what I write, and I write it as it comes to mind. You just never know where it will go next!

Beck - nice to know I wasn't the only 'innocent' one.

Zina - I was sort of wondering what that was all about when I read the comment in email. Now seeing it here it makes

Nancy said...

Thanks for the laughs first thing this morning...I especially like the last line!