Sunday, December 7, 2008

They grow up so fast!

Today I noticed that Maya's ears have grown again, so she needs to grow into them. She's getting bigger every day, and full of mischief. Drives Loco and Minina crazy with her attacks.

Pictures of Maya just a few days apart.

You've heard the saying...'when iguanas can fly'? Well, Ok, I made it up, but this iguana flew from the second floor terrace and landed upside down on this banana leaf. We think Luna was up there and it jumped for its life.

I just like this picture of Loco:


Scottozoid said...

Maya is SO ADORABLE (almost all kittens are adorable) and I especially love the one in the baseball cap.

I remember when my Junior Cat was a tiny abandoned infant and we found her...I wrapped her up in my baseball cap to keep her warm...she grew up and doesn't fit in my baseball caps any more, but she loves to sleep on my laundry...

Loco has a certain photogenic charm, he can be sorta goofy and charming at the same time. He has a generosity of spirit that almost always shows on camera.

Watch out for flying iguanas! Wow, you know what? the "Flying Iguanas" might be a great name for a baseball team (and more baseball caps) or maybe even a band...

"Loco and the Flying Iguanas" coming soon!

Bennie said...

Wow is that the top of your stairs that Loco is at? If so the stairwell looks great.

Sue said...

Yes, it's the top of the stairs, where we built the B&B kitchenette. And put the railings on the staircase! I love how it all turned out, thanks!