Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pesky little sister

Maya is not afraid of any of the other animals in this house. They are all bigger and stronger than she is, but she holds the trump card because she is inexperienced and naive, and therefore will do anything without understanding the possible consequences.

Stalking Minina is her favorite way to pass the time. She trails along behind and jumps at Minina's hindquarters until finally Minina gets mad and swings around and swats her.

Minina trying to put Maya in her place - "Quit bugging me!"

Maya trying to interfere with Minina's feeding time:

"I'll hide behind this bowl"

"I'm gonna get your tail"

"See, I made you move"

Yesterday we went to Cancun, and in the rush to leave the house, I forgot to put Maya in her room. We have never left Maya and Loco alone in the house before, and when we got home I realized what I'd done, and was scared I'd find Maya hurt (or worse, by accident).

But Maya was sitting on top of the coffee table, a place she'd never been able to jump to before. So we figure while we were gone Maya was practicing her jumping. Or she was forced to learn to jump in order to get away from Loco. We'll never know, but I think Maya the pest is just getting started with her antics. Watch out Loco, Minina, and Luna! There's a new kid in town!

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Scottozoid said...

This is kinda like those old Walt Disney live action nature movies when I was a kid..."Stalking The Wild Domesticated House Cat In It's Natural Environment"

Kittens are a handful of fun for everyone but their step siblings...Minina should be commended for her patience!