Monday, December 15, 2008

Followup on a concrete project - the sink

It was three months ago that I wrote about the concrete projects we had going on. After a month or so of bad weather (rain, cold, wind), I finally got the camera out and took pictures of the finished work. Here is the second level pool terrace - the new sink that was built (it's that blue thing in the corner):

This sink almost got installed backwards. The drainage holes usually go at the front, so despite the fact that the painted picture inside the sink is of a man sitting under a cactus (sorry, I should have shot that a little closer), when I went up to check on the work, I was shocked to see the man hanging upside down and the cactus plants growing from the sky.

It took some talking to get the master albanil and Miguel to agree to turn the sink around. But really - how could I wash my hands and enjoy looking at an upside-down picture? They didn't care about the picture, they cared about the holes. I cared about the picture. I got my way and they fixed it.

I used to have a bamboo torch in the garden. Miguel cut the torch and used the bamboo pieces to hide the metal tap and make it look more 'rustic'.

Just some pretty Bougainvilla...


Ann said...

Looks great--ingenious use of the bamboo!

Islagringo said...

That Miquel certainly is a clever guy to have around! The use of bamboo is ingenious. Good for you for putting your foot down about that sink. That would have driven me nuts everytime I looked at it too! Someday I am going to stop by for a tour. That patio area looks so inviting!

Sue said...

Ann - I was suspicious when Miguel turned up with bamboo. It's not like it's just growing out there. When he refused to tell me where he got it, I remembered the torch, which is now much shorter.

Wayne - can you believe they thought it would be fine to have that sink upside down? I told them the holes would never be needed as I had no intention of putting in a plug, so it didn't matter where they were. They took some convincing, they wanted to do it 'right'. It was just which way was 'right' was up for interpretation!

Stop over - I'd love to give you a tour!