Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What would you like for breakfast?

Each morning Miguel asks me the same question - "Que quieres comer por desayuno?" (what would you like for breakfast?).

We used to eat some form of eggs almost every day. I'm not even an egg lover, but the way Miguel prepares them, I enjoy them.

A la Mexicana - scrambled with slivered onions and peppers, with some special combination of chilis to give it extra zip.

Huevos en Salsa Roja - scrambled and smothered in Miguel's homemade red sauce. When he makes the red sauce he makes a mess, but it's worth it. Yum!

To accompany the eggs, we buy a stack of hot tortillas from the mercado. The tortillas we don't eat turn into fried tortillas. Salted, like chips but with a taste of corn, almost like popcorn. Delicious!

Chilaquiles - made with his homemade red sauce and usually with a fried egg on top, per his Oaxaca tradition.

After Miguel's accident, Miguel's cholesterol was high. We had to stop eating so many eggs; one egg twice a week was our goal. We don't quite make it, when Miguel prepares eggs he uses 3, and we probably eat eggs 3 times a week.

To get away from so many eggs, we also eat:

Refried black beans - lately he's been doing some magic with a can of beans, and we've been including beans with both meals (we only eat twice a day).

Sopes/Huaraches - the first layer is the beans, above. Then the homemade red sauce, and then the onion and cheese to top it off. He has been making the masa a little thinner and smaller, so I can eat two if I'm hungry.

If we have leftover chicken and Miguel's homemade green tomato sauce, I will make chicken enchiladas (similar to the old El Pueblito). I never thought I would eat chicken for breakfast, but we do, and we love the enchiladas.

If we have masa and chicken, I might also make empanadas.

Some days we buy salbutes from the mercado - they are a bit greasy, but that gives them more flavor. I love the mercado salbutes.

There is a lady who walks around with a pot of something every morning except Sundays. If we find her, we may buy volancos, negritas, empanadas - all masa-based meals with some sort of sauce.

There is another lady who comes through our neighborhood in the evenings with tamales. She makes the best tamales, and she knows we don't like the steamed ones, just the baked ones - so she only comes here when she has the baked tamales, and we always buy several for breakfast the next day.

Along with all the yummy things we prepare or buy, our breakfasts at home are always finished off with a plate of fresh fruit and a glass of fresh orange juice.

So, what am I having for breakfast today? Well, there is a blender of Miguel's homemade red sauce in the fridge, so I'm guessing it will be eggs smothered in that delicious sauce, a stack of hot torillas, along with juice and fruit. We also have a sausage in the fridge from our BBQ on Sunday, so Miguel will probably eat that (I don't eat sausages).

Better get going, our breakfast routine is about to begin!


Ann said...

You're making me hungry! Everything sounds wonderful! I know when we are Isla my husband eats chicken enchiladas for breakfast quite often, but wouldn't think of it here--unless they were leftovers!

Life's a Beach! said...

That makes me so hungry Sue! Our breakfast is waiting in the lobby. I'll probably just have Craig bring me back a cup of orange juice and any decent sweet roll if they have it. If not, I'll open my bag and get out a granola bar. Hopefully lunch will be better! :)

IslaZina said...

Read the label on those beans! The refritos usually have manteca, which could be Miguel's cholesterol problem! Provecho!

Sue said...

Oh Beck - how familiar I am with those hotel sweet, sticky, cold offerings. I hate them but sometimes that's all you have to choose from. I hope Craig found you a good one, but the granola bar is probably a better bet!

Ann - we even heat up leftover drumsticks/wings to serve along wit the main dish at breakfast. I guess once you get over the idea that chicken is not a breakfast food, it's all ok. Those pieces from Pollo Mexicana heated up in a small frying pan, a little crispy and with that great flavor - yum!

Zina - I will have to check. We just started eating a lot more of those beans, but it's still just a big dab. However, a big dab every day may be worse than an egg. Thanks for the tip!

Islaholic Trixie said...

I don't usually eat a lot of eggs either, unless they are Mexican Style!! Biggy B cooked up waffles this morning. The fresh fruit in your picture would have made a delicious waffle topping!!

Scottozoid said...

Can I just skip the "bed" and go straight to "breakfast"? Like in "Dentro del Jardin B"

I laugh when I read that chicken is not for breakfast but eggs are OK!

Chicken chilaquiles are awesome in the morning, red sauce, green sauce, if there was a polka dot sauce I would try it (once anyway)

I remember once, like 25 years ago, I was in Puerto Escondido and I decided to have Pollo en Mole for breakfast early one morning...it was delicious, but then about half an hour later my tummy exploded (it was not a pretty sight) So I don't eat chicken mole for breakfast anymore.

What about fried chicken and waffles? Is it dinner? Is it breakfast?

The pic of the fruit and juice should be on your web site (if it isn't already)

Sue said...

Brenda - can't ship you the fruit, but at this time of year you should be able to get it at your supermarket. Maybe not as fresh as here, but still winter pickings.

Scott - I once ate mole that I thawed and reheated, and it had the same effect on me. That was the last time I ever ate mole (and no, we didnt' prepare it here). Miguel made a yellow mole recently - I think it was like a soup, it was pretty good. But chocolate mole - no, it will be a long time before I forget the taste of that as it came back up.

I would love to do a food page for the B&B (or in your case, just the "B"), but how much do people want to see on a website anyway? I learned that I cannot use the full width of a page to design the site, as different browsers behave differently, so that took away some of the great pics I planned to include.

Islagringo said...

Funny how we change to suit our environment and the customs. When travelling, I love to stop at the roadside stands and have chicken empanadas and a Coke for breakfast...just like everybody sitting around me! Yum!

Anonymous said...

Oh yummy! That fruit plate looks great too!
I agree with Scott that you really should have a food page on your website.

Sue said...

Ok, Scott and Jackie convinced me. I've added a link from the words "fruit plate" on the Meals page of DDJ to that picture of the fruit. I should do seasonal - this is the winter plate, but in spring we'll have fresh mango, and in summer we'll have pitaya. Yum!