Friday, December 12, 2008

Three years later

When you see something every day you hardly notice all the small changes that make a drastic difference. Here are some pictures from 2005 and how things look now...

Front of house 2005


Street heading east 2005


Front garden 2005 (after Wilma)


It's fun to look back and see all the changes, most of them for the better. I still wish I just had a dirt road full of rocks - we had very little traffic then and nobody dared drive fast. I guess the house was dustier then though, because all those clouds of sand made their way through the windows and doors. With the paving of the road we also got sewers, and finally we connected up to them earlier this year.


Islagringo said...

Wow. Your house sure looks better now. So inviting. I had forgotten how horrible that road really was. I remember using the road one to the south to get to the mechanic's. Yours was impassable in a car most of the time. What a change.

blancochar said...

Hard to believe it's the same house. You and Miguel have transformed the little casa!

Maybe 'cause it's so cold today in Texas, but the bottom photo looks like dirty snow piled up in front of your house...Wish I were there!

Sue said...

Wayne - you're right, no cars ever wanted to go down my road. That was ok with me!

Char - that sand looked exactly like huge banks of snow. Jimmy loved it, he felt like King of the Road when he perched up on the top of a pile of sand. We had to use planks to cross over to the house.