Monday, December 22, 2008

Time to make lists

I am a list-maker. I carry around little pieces of paper with lists of things, and I don't throw them away until I've either completed the list or I consolidate to another list. I probably have about 6 lists tucked somewhere around here at the moment, some were started months ago. I make lists for shopping, lists to organize chores, lists to organize thoughts, lists for work projects, lists for Christmas gifts. My lists are sometimes lists within lists - higher level topics leading to details. Lists help me break down a problem or a task into smaller pieces. I am always thinking of many things at the same time, and lists help me remember, and prioritize.

Miguel is a list-maker too, but he's not as consistent as I am. He makes his lists in books, so he has a little book, a bigger book, a reservation book, and a sketch book. Even though Miguel might have a few things on his list, he normally will only work on one thing at a time. When that one thing is done, he crosses it off and moves onto something else on the list.

I used to be one of those who crossed things off lists too. What a sense of accomplishment, to see a list with most things completed. The things that are last to get crossed off lists are usually things that are hard to find, hard to do, optional, or no longer needed. One list I have going for Cancun shopping still has the hold-out of a flashlight. You'd think I would have come across a flashlight in all the trips I've made to Cancun lately. But there it is...that one thing nagging at me on a list that I need to throw away. Time to consolidate the flashlight with another list.

I will be making a new list tonight - a list of ingredients I need to buy for our turkey dinner on Wednesday. Butter, lard, eggs, bread, onion, etc. I need to check my herbs and spices and make sure I have that covered before I get up to my elbows in pastry dough and find out I'm missing a critical ingredient. Like the pumpkin? Nah, I'm pretty sure I saw a can of that in the pantry, but sometimes I get confused on which pantry I saw it in - the one here or the one in Canada. Keeping two kitchens running is a challenge, I'm glad my daughter is now in charge of the one in Canada. But she's got my best pastry-making stuff - the large metal bowl, the marble rolling pin, the rolling board, and the good flour.

I've got a rolling pin that doesn't roll around its handles, I just have to push it back and forth across the dough. But I've made a few pies here, so as long as I find the lard I'm sure the pie will be delicious. Can't say I have the same confidence with the turkey - my experience with turkey here is that they are tough, chewy old things. The turkey I bought the other day is about 15 pounds, so maybe it will turn out better than the other ones I've made here. If nothing else, the stuffing and everything else should be good, as long as I remember to buy everything I need.

Time to go make my list!


Life's a Beach! said...

Sue, I need to start making a shopping list tonight. I bought a turkey on the way home from the gym this morning. I'm not confident about turkey roasting, but I put mine in a cooking bag and that seems to make it moist and tender. I'm terrible at gravy, so I use the turkey gravy seasoning packets and add wine for some extra flavor. I can't believe tomorrow's the 23rd!

IslaZina said...

I can't believe tomorrow's the 23rd either! I guess I'll be seeing Sue at our market in Canotal. After Lora and I go to the ATM at 4am! Oh, I'm just up for a sip of water. But Beck, those roasting bags are great! I do a take on your terriaki in them! Ones I got at the 12 peso store in Walmart!

Islagringo said...

You make your own pie dough? I think I'm in love! We bought a turkey at Sam's this year and, due to a mishap I will wait and blog about, we had to cook it yesterday. It was quite delicious and very moist.

Sue said...

Beck - I have roasted a lot of turkeys the traditional way, but the ones here are just not 'grown' the same. The other two I roasted here were 25 lbs though, so I'm hoping this smaller bird will be a good one. I make my own gravy from the drippings, the secret is to mix the flour with HOT water and use a fork to take out the lumps before you pour it into the hot drippings. If the bird has a lot of fat, pour off most of the stuff that floats to the top before you add water or thickening.

Zina - I think I need to go to town, I have most of the mercado stuff, it's Super Express stuff I need to find now. Wish me luck!

Wayne - I would not make a pie if I could not also make the dough. I use my mother's recipe and it's simple - makes enough dough for 6 shells, so worth the effort (I just freeze what I don't need). Glad your turkey turned out great, I have not tried a turkey from Sam's - maybe next year if this one from Chedraui is a bust.